Accurate Section Benders carries on a proud Black Country engineering tradition of skill and craftsmanship. The company's production equipment is state-of-the-art and production standards are strictly space-age - but commitment to meeting the precise needs of the customer and an uncompromising management attitude to high quality and service have their roots in the industrial values of an earlier time.

The aim of this website is twofold. First, to give you a snapshot of our technical ability. Second, to provide an indication of the high level of attention to detail we bring to bear in order to assist and support our customers. We don`t just cold form metal - we take pride in applying our specialist knowledge and expertise to solve intractable engineering problems.

There are three interdependent aspects to our service - knowledge, quality and reliability. Or to translate this into practical marketing terms, the right product at the right price at the right time. Which brings us back to those traditional Black Country values.

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Accurate Section Benders has built up an enviable reputation for supplying precision cold formed products designed to meet the exacting requirements of engineering and construction industries. We believe that our success derives from a commitment to continuous improvement in our specialist field and to the concept of partnership with our customers.

From the first stage to the last we maintain strict quality control - from design and development through prototyping and production to despatch and distribution. Technological advances provide us with increasingly accurate forming equipment and production systems - but our most valuable resource is our people.

Experienced design, development and manufacturing engineers and highly-skilled production personnel are supported by knowledgeable sales and marketing specialists. We believe that the creativity and dedication of our workforce is vital to the continuing success of our business. We put a high priority on multi-disciplinary teamwork and firm but flexible management.

At Accurate Section Benders we roll a full range of sections for a multitude of applications. These include track beams for overhead handling systems, pressed booms for vehicles with telescopic lifting gear, chassis members for road tankers, tubes for handrails and the flats and angle rings used to make flanges for ducting, drums, storage tanks and pressure vessels.

Aluminium and stainless steel sections are increasingly being used in building and construction. Architects appreciate the combination of strength and aesthetic appeal of rolled and formed sections for today's barrel-vaulted roofs and domes, to say nothing of aluminium glazing units and stainless steel lintels.

We have wide experience of cold forming both non-ferrous and ferrous metals, from brass and aluminium alloys to special steels (including stainless steels used in food, Ministry of Defence, chemical and nuclear applications). Pressbraked multibent panels are regularly produced from high yield plate to the stringent quality standards and extremely tight tolerances demanded by the offshore industry.

We can roll plate up to 3 metres wide and 40mm thick. Our pressbraking capacity is up to 6.5 metres and 25mm thick. We have rolled tanks, silos, hoppers and drums - everything from a cylinder to the frustrum of a concentric cone. We have also pressbraked eccentric cones and square-to-round transition pieces.

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